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ex igni aureo atque in nocte obscuro amor noster floreat

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My name is Aurie, and this is my "website". I hope you choose to stick around and maybe find something you like!

About me

I am a 1█ year-old boy from England. I made this site not writing assuming that anything I wish to write is particularly interesting to any particular person, but writing that any passer-by might take interest in who I am and some of the things I've done. My pronouns are he/they, generally leaning towards he. I'm interested in history — particularly of the place I'm from and have visited — linguistics and philology, and historical art. Some of my favourite bands/artists include Lord Huron, Weezer, the Crane Wives, Kero Kero Bonito, drain gang, and 100 gecs. Less contemporarily — polyphony, Christian chants, and all manner of obscure foreign folk music are musical things I enjoy. I feel very close to the natural world, and place great importance on the reverance of the land that nourishes and takes care of us, something forgotten too often in this world separated from our means. I describe myself politically as a socialist, in that we as brothers in humanity have a responsibility to look after our neighbour, and those who suffer the most, in accordance with teachings promulgated by many cultures over many periods of time, that we must reciprocate in unconditional love for one another, providing materially and emotionally for those most in need. There is a lot of stuff we extract from the Earth, and we do not use nearly any of it well.


I have a presence online, but am only active on the following two platforms:

  • Discord: chloroauricism ミ☆#2785
  • Twitter: @chloroauricism

I am always open to new friends — if you want to contact me, I would really appreciate it :)

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